iamjayholzapfel asked:

How do you feel about YouTube star PewDiePie's decision to turn off comments on all his videos? Regardless of how you or anyone feels about his content, he has a huge influence. Do you think other YouTubers or entire websites may follow suit? Is it up to content creators to be in charge of what goes on in their comment sections? Is YouTube strictly at fault? I applaud him for not putting up with the crap that's going on in his comment sections, but is there another way? Thanks.


It’s unrealistic to ask someone to moderate comments from potentially millions of users. I don’t blame him for turning them off at all! Comment moderation is a tough business. It’s thankless, and very time consuming.

I do have a problem when editors link to pieces on their sites and go “don’t read the comments!” That’s your site! I’m not saying you can 100% control what your community does and doesn’t do, but it seems weird to openly admit you’re unable to do anything about it. If you have a community, if you have comments, it’s your responsibility to make sure they’re a safe place.

Lord knows it’s easy to screw up. We’ve done it plenty of times.